Surprise! Another Mk1 Update

I haven’t been to the railway for a while, so it’s been a bit quiet on here lately. At the moment I seem to be alternating between Wagon Group and Mk1 carriage updates, so seeing as the last posting was a Wagon Group update, it must be time for an new Mk1 carriage roundup…!

151115 NVR 039Above: TSO No.4635, the Mk1 that houses the second-hand bookshop, has been transformed with much-needed patches and a fresh coat of paint by members of the IRPS. Personally, I would love to see this former open saloon back in passenger service again one day, assuming there is nothing terminally wrong with it (although it would not surprise me if it were currently sitting on scrap bogies).


151115 NVR 041Above: Metal repairs are ongoing to SK No.25347 in the Carriage and Wagon workshop, with the holey old plate being cut out and new platework being welded in. There is a lot of work required to this coach, but progress has been surprisingly speedy considering No.25347 only entered the workshop in late May/early June.


151115 NVR 042Above: Allan and his team are continuing to strip down TSO No.4200, with one end of the solid underframe cleaned up and painted, and new steel starting to be formed to replace the badly-wasted original.

Mk1 SO (2+1 open saloon seating) No.4794 (formerly known as “Christabel” in an appalling fake Pullman-style livery) has now been moved under cover into the open shed, in enable access by volunteers to progress its restoration. This means there are currently 3 Mk1 coaches on site undergoing active restoration to running condition. The roof has already been repaired and painted by the Carriage and Wagon staff, but there is plenty of mechanical, metal and woodwork left to do if you fancy a challenge… You’ll be amazed at what skills and knowledge you can acquire, and you never know, you might even have fun! Join us today!

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