BR Mk1 SK No.25347

The metalwork repair phase to BR Mk1 SK (compartment corridor coach) No.25347 is drawing to a close as this photo update illustrates:


Norfolk 23-27Dec2015 064Above: The areas of welded repair have received a skim of filler as required, ready for painting. This overall view shows just how many areas have had to be repaired! It almost seems a shame that once painted, few people will know just how much skilled work has gone into this coach so it can simply receive ‘a repaint’!


Norfolk 23-27Dec2015 065Above: A close up view of one of the repaired windows, the process of which can be followed over the course of earlier blog postings. Considering this coach only came into the works in late May/early June 2015, surprisingly rapid progress has been made (the roof has also been fully cleaned back, repaired and painted in this time). It is even more rapid when you realise that the C&W staff undertaking this overhaul have only been working on this coach 2-3 days per week as their skills have been in considerable demand elsewhere around the railway! It is interesting to compare this overhaul to the approx. 2 year timescale it took to overhaul one of the Belgian coaches from a similar initial condition. i.e. taken from the running rake.

Finally, a small Wagon Group update can be found HERE.


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